About Us

About Us

JC Construction, LLC is a General Contracting and Construction Management and Operations Firm serving all of South Louisiana. Our highly skilled employees create our successful field operations and administrative support team. With a history of successful projects that vary from small to large scale jobs, JC Construction has built a solid reputation on which its clients have come to rely upon.

The Story of JC Construction


The story began in 2007 when JC Construction's founder, John Curry, decided after many years of successfully completing multi-million dollar projects, it was time to begin a new legacy in the construction industry. John set out to create a company that was small in size, but large in capability. With just a laptop to prepare, he went against tough competition to prove to Cameron Iron Works that JC Construction was the best contractor for the job. Landing this client was the most influential business relationship for JC Construction, evolving from one man to one team.

Core Values

JC Construction is captured in our motto, "We are as structurally sound as every foundation we build." JC Construction's foundation is built on our Core Values- Innovation, Excellence, Integrity, Safety.


We strive to surpass all industry standards. Our creativity is strengthened through innovative construction technology.


Our reputation is based on excellence. We take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards and maintaining a proactive attitude.


We believe our commitment is our most essential attribute. Our word is our foundation. In order to build integrity, we adhere to the highest levels of trust and fairness.


We believe safety is a principal aspect of every operation in order to provide long-term positive results. While striving for perfection, we are committed to integrating operational risk management.